Africa and its Response to Continental and Global (in)Security Dynamics

ALC-King’s Africa Debates

African Leadership Centre, Nairobi

24 June 2022

Africa and its Response to Continental and Global (in)Security Dynamics

The Simulation Seminars are undertaken by ALC Peace and Security Fellows from the 2021 and 2022 cohorts. Fellows are from Botswana, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Eritrea, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Togo).

Is Africa seizing the 21st century? Optimists think so pointing at the gains made in managing conflicts, synchronizing and entrenching the AU`s peace, security and governance architectures as well as enhancing these institutions` implementation capacity and increasing Africa`s bargaining position with the outside world. Pessimists think otherwise: the geopolitical dynamics of the world are fast changing, and yet neither the AU nor the member states manoeuvre this immensely important development for the benefits of Africans and their people. Neither did the AU and the RECs make progress in durably addressing conflicts nor did they register results in curtailing elites’ appetite for circumventing constitutional processes. 

 This year’s simulation debate of the African Leadership Centre (ALC) focuses on the timely issue of how Africa is dealing with its internal problems and how it is interacting with the evolving global geopolitical and (in)security dynamics.

 Panel 1: Is the AU still fit for purpose?

The first panel questions the extent to which the AU is fit for purpose for the evolving (in)security dynamics of the continent. Is the AU’s governance architecture in general of any use? What evidence is there to show that the Union promotes democratic principles and institutions? What is the purpose of the AU, if its basic principles and declarations are not implemented?

 Panel 2: The Russia-Ukraine War and Africa’s Position

The second panel focuses on expectations around how Africa has, or should have reacted, to the Russia-Ukraine crisis. What should African states and the AU have considered in taking a position on the crisis? Are we seeing the re-emergence of some version of Cold War politics and the associated non-aligned movement (NAM)? Are African states and the AU failing to play a legitimate role in shaping the emerging new world (dis)order?

 The event will be live streamed here and

This seminar is a core part of the ALC Fellowship programme. It is a high-level role-play session where Fellows debate and act out the roles of key personalities involved in the management of significant security situations in Africa and its interactions with the World.

The sessions provide an opportunity for the Fellows to display their analysis of current affairs from a variety of perspectives as well as their capacity to critically engage with the public on the most pertinent issues that are affecting Africa today.

The debates are an excellent tool to help us understand the problems that our continent faces from all perspectives: those that we are comfortable with and even those that we are less comfortable with. The event will also give us a glimpse at the work being done by the African Leadership Centre, King’s College London and the University of Nairobi on preparing young Africans for their leadership roles today.


Find Attached Simulation Seminar Concept Note

Download this file (Simulation Seminar Concept Note FINAL....pdf)Simulation Seminar Concept Note[ ]232 kB


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