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The African Leadership Centre (ALC) has the following recent publications from faculty and associates, as part of its ongoing research agenda ‘Peace, Society and the State in Africa’, which re-interrogates the state in Africa in relation to the challenges of peacebuilding, conflict and insecurity, and is underlined by the need to document and explore the lessons from governance models that work in African societies and their adaptability to the state in Africa.

The ALC’s Publications are a key element towards amplifying the voice, presence and influence of ALC in decision-making spaces on peace and security in Africa. This is anchored at the core of the ALC mission that aims to build core capacity amongst African scholars for knowledge production and knowledge transfer by the ALC in order to engage and impact upon peace and security policy on the continent.

Recent publications by ALC Faculty include:

Shifting ideas of sustainable peace towards conversation in state-building, Journal of Conflict, Security and Development, by Funmi Olonisakin, Alagaw Ababu Kifle and Alfred Ndumo.

This article offers reflections on the meaning of peace and peace-building in Africa and proposes a reframing of the state-building problematic. It argues for a shift in analytical lens by providing alternative ways of looking at state-building in order to explore a different approach to peace-building.

You can access the full paper here. A limited number of copies are available to download free of charge here.

COVID-19 responses and human rights in selected African countries, Australian Journal of Human Rights, by Awino Okech, David Mwambari and ‘Funmi Olonisakin

This article explains how the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the need for states to strike a delicate balance between implementing measures to curb the spread of coronavirus, and respecting the rights and dignity of the populace. It also looks at how a government’s approach to managing the spread of COVID-19 can and has compromised their ability to protect human rights.

You can access the full paper here

Can Online Platforms Be e-Pana-Africana Liberation Zones for Pan-African and Decolonization Debates?,  CODESRIA Bulletin Online, by David Mwambari

This piece reflects on debates that have emerged online around Decolonisation and Pan Africanism in the COVID-19 era. This essay builds on previous works that examine the contributions and debates by various African thinkers on the theme of Pan-Africanism and decolonisation, by examining the opportunities and challenges that recent developments in online self-organizing present as they unfold in this historic moment.

The full article is available here

Revisiting Regional Security Complex Theory in Africa: Museveni’s Uganda and Regional Security in East Africa, African Security, by Barney Walsh

This article revisits Buzan and Waever’s Regional Security Complex Theory (RSCT), and asks what is its utility in understanding African security issues? It includes theoretical insight and criticism of RSCT whilst simultaneously providing an empirical case study of Uganda’s President Museveni within East Africa. The article argues, primarily, that Regional Security Complex Theory can be improved by including a clearer articulation of how African leaders assert influence within, and shape, regional security dynamics in Africa.

You can access the full paper here. A limited number of copies are available to download free of charge here

Developmental Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Post-independence Nigeria: Lessons from Asian Developmental States, Journal of Peacebuilding and Development, by Eka Ikpe

This article presents the framework of developmental Post-conflict reconstruction (PCR) that draws on the developmental state paradigm to offer a lens for understanding the role of the state and its complex interlinkages with other milieus such as the market in PCR. The deployment of developmental PCR in the case study of the Nigerian Civil War illuminates certain realities such as the significance of economic nationalism to security, complex interdependencies across the state and market, and the nuances in the characterisation of the Nigerian state.

You can access the full paper here

The AfDB and Negotiating Finance Hegemonies: Journeying towards its Origins of Industrial Development and Regionalisation, CODESRIA Bulletin Online, Eka Ikpe,

This article examines the African Development Bank’s (AfDB) engagement with industrial development and associated investment as part of continental integration across time. It also considers the significance and influence of foreign capital to the Bank’s work.

You can access the full paper here

Recent publications by ALC Adjunct Faculty and Associates as part of the ALC Research Agenda include:

Rethinking Regional Security in Central Africa: The Case of the Central African Republic, International Journal of African Renaissance Studies - Multi-, Inter- and Transdisciplinarity. by Kiven James Kewir

The article focuses on the Central African region and the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) interventions in the Central African Republic (CAR). Focusing on the core issues of societal security in the CAR, the study demonstrates that continued reliance on the statist approach explains why ECCAS has not been successful in addressing the crisis. It is recommended that efforts focus on developing resilient social structures.

You can access the full paper here

Being and becoming a state: the state building and peacebuilding conversations in southern Somalia and Somaliland, Journal of Contemporary African Studies, by Mohamed Haji Ingiriis

This paper empirically interrogates the recent and current trajectories of the statebuilding and peacebuilding processes and politics of southern Somalia (recognised as a state) and Somaliland (unrecognised as a state). To understand how the (post-)violent politics has preconditioned the form and face of becoming a Weberian state, the paper traces the internal dynamics and external dimensions of the two entities

You can access the full paper here


Security Transformation, Youth and Leadership in Nigeria

Security Transformation, Youth and Leadership in Nigeria

17 November 2020

Watch  Back a fascinating discussion on "Security Transformation, Youth and Leadership in Nigeria" on #EndSARS (, police brutality in Africa and more .

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