Medhane TadesseAssociate Professor of History and academic specialist on peace and security issues in Africa. He has written widely and on a variety of issues. A veteran political analyst on Horn of African issues, he played a crucial role in familiarizing the governance of security at both research and policy process levels. He wrote on almost every aspect of peace and security issues in the Horn of Africa, particularly on the threat of radicalization, resource-based conflicts, the war on terror and the role of external actors. He has published several books and more than 34 articles in different journals and books and wrote over 260 briefing papers, articles, commentaries and policy memos related to regime stability, conflict vulnerability and the role of external actors, militarization and governance of the security sector in Africa. He also wrote a weekly peace and security column. He is also the editor of the

-He served as a director at the Center for Policy Research & Dialogue/CPRD/, a regional think tank based in Addis Ababa.

 He also serves as:

-Member, Executive Committee of the African Security Sector Network/ASSN/, a regional network dealing with Security Sector Reform at both policy and research levels.

-Member, Advisory Panel for Knowledge Building and Mentoring Programme, Peace and Security Fellowships for African Women, Kings College, London

-Member, Governing Board of the African Human Rights Consortium/AHRC/, University of Botswana.

He currently serves as Senior ASSN SSR Advisor to the African Union/AU/.


Books: 1998.The Ethiopia-Eritrea War: Retrospect and Prospects. The Making of

Conflict in the Horn of Africa, 1991-1998.

2003. Al-Ittihad: Political Islam and Black economy in Somalia. Religion,

Clan and Money and the Struggle for Supremacy over Somalia.


Published Articles:

•Sharia Courts and Military Politics in Stateless Somalia. In Hot Spots Horn of Africa Revisited: Approaches to Make Sense of Conflict. Transaction Publishers LIT VERLAG, Berlin 2008.

•"New Security Frontiers in the Horn of Africa". In Security in the Globalized World. Briefing Papers by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. Bonn. June 2004.

•"Traditional Mechanisms of Conflict resolution versus State Intervention: The Borana Oromo and Merihan Somalis in Ethiopia". In Transformation of Resource Conflicts: Approach and Instrument. Bern.2002.

•"What will it take to create an Effective African Union”.OSSREA Publications.V.21 No 2.June 2003.

•"Overcoming Challenges for Security Sector Reform in the Horn of Africa". In ISS Monograph Series,No.135, May 2007.

•"TPLF: Reform or Decline": In Review of African political Economy.London.N.97.389-403.

•"Religion and Conflict in Ethiopia". On Federalism, Conflict and Peace Building in Ethiopia.GTZ.Addis Ababa, May2003.

•"Change and Continuity in Djiboutian Foreign Policy" in Globalization & The Conduct of Foreign Policy in Africa.2005.

•Towards Conflict Resolution best Practices. In Tswalu Papers. The Royal United services Institute/RUSI/.November 2008.

•"Ethiopian Foreign Policy: From TPLF Politburo to Meles Zenawi, 1991-2002". In Globalization & the Conduct of Foreign Policy in Africa. 2005.

•"UN Peace Keeping in the Horn: Problems & Prospects." From Global Apartheid to Global Village-Africa and the United Nations. University of Kwazulu Natal Press 2009.


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