The Wide Margin

The Wide Margin is a new on-line quarterly collection of essays which focus on discussion and critical thought about social, economic, political and cultural issues through a feminist lens. The Wide Margin is a title inspired by bell hooks’ book “Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center.”  The wideness alludes to the large number of women from different social, economic, cultural, and ideological backgrounds. ‘Wide’ also alludes to the wide margin in this publication which offers space to include voices and ideas other than those of contributing writers and essayists.

The popular spaces (our national newspapers and dailies, lifestyle magazines, mainstream television) where we could explore feminism are ridden with superficialities, silences, and erasures which perpetuate sexism, or they are inaccessible to those who would reform them. How then should we subvert the popular sexist ways of discussing women and feminism and advance the growing interest in talking and thinking about women beyond gender stereotypes? How should we advance thinking about feminism in Africa? What are the issues with which younger feminists are grappling? What new frontiers of African feminism are becoming visible even as the old struggles continue? The inaugural issue of The Wide Margin“Feminist While African” explores how we (Africans) have come to understand feminism, how we are involved (or not) in feminism, how we interact with feminism, and how we have learned and continue to learn about feminism. This first issue has set the tone for The Wide Margin as a platform to discuss and think critically about issues in our various African contexts through an African feminist lens. We are not only doing this through writing, we are seeking and encouraging different forms of discussing contemporary and critical topics such as using illustrations and our comic strip, Unfemiliar Territory.

The African Leadership Center is supporting The Wide Margin by housing the project within its own programs, and by providing resources to enable and sustain writers and the team behind The Wide Margin to continue to work on this project. The ALC fully supported and made it possible to publish the first issue, and has committed to supporting future issues of The Wide Margin.

Read essays in the first issue of The Wide Margin here.

Call for Submissions for the Second issue of  the Wide Margin: 'The Black African Body'


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